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test Construction of scientific research center is under construction. Prof. Dr. Christin Langerhorst and Prof. Dr. Elizabith Brik; Professors of Ophthalmology in Amesterdam University had visited our center last month and certify the center for its equipments, operating systems and working team. Cortoba Eye and LASIK center will open a new branch in Port-Said governorate for giving medical services in the field of correction of refractive errors by LASIK using American and German technology. The center administration will buy an electronic system for electronic recording of medical files. Recently, the center bought ocular response analyzer (ORA) for studying corneal biomechanical properties and intraocular pressure (standard goldmann and corrected for corneal thickness). Also, the center bought Geuder, Megatron S4 phacoemulsification machine. Construction of infection control unit has been finished with infection control specialist with training programs about protective measures for all the team and doctors working in the center. The LASIK offer had been finished. Welcome to our website
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